Building up a startup in your garage has its charm and perks – for one, the parking spot would be very close. But that is stuff for the old days. Today, our co-working space is the way!


Our spaces

Our Incubation Modules

Network Butler

Where to be? Who to meet? We are with you, Master.

Goldfish Bowl

Pitch and Meet – if you’re not ready for the Shark Tank, just yet. (click here)

Corporate PoC

A.A.A. our corporate partners are seeking innovation – what a great time to be an entrepreneur!

Challenge me!

Transparent and brutally honest expert analysis of your startup project.
You’ve been warned.

Company Setup

Who’s got time for bureaucracy? Let’s find the right setup for you, from accounting to insurance and everything else you need.

Market Validation

Almost 50% of all startups fail because there is no market fit.
We want you to be in the other half.

Partner Services

Anything we can’t do, we have experts taking care of.
Our friends are their friends…and get friendly prices.

Finance Strategy

Burn rates, red flags, venture capital, bootstrapping and the ‘right’ valuation.
We’re not only dropping big words here.

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