Quality label in the impact ecosystem since 2011.

 Are you a Europe-based startup making innovative use of technologies to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Sign up for our Tech for Impact Awards. Together with our partners, we provide finalists with a unique opportunity to increase international awareness, pitch in front of impact investors, and establish a positive reputation in the impact ecosystem. Each Award grants the winner with 10’000 Swiss francs.



Who is it for?


Impact driven entrepreneurs that develop or make use of innovative tech solutions.

Made in Europe

This competition is dedicated to Europe-based (operations can be worldwide) startups.

Lock-step impact

Startups where there is a mutually reinforcing dynamic between profit and impact, while solving social and/or environmental challenges.


What’s in for you?


Visibility and exposure to a network of experts, corporates, fellow entrepreneurs and investors.


The “quality stamp” thanks to the Tech for Impact Awards reputation in Switzerland.


Access to investors and potential partners. The Award finalists from 2019 onwards have raised more than 135 million Swiss francs.


A chance to win a total prize money of 30’000 Swiss francs, as well as non-financial support.


Let your impact shine beyond your horizon.

Innovative technologies often represent scalable solutions with the potential to make significant contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is why we want to help leverage the potential of impact-driven tech entrepreneurs, by offering them a voice, a stage and privileged access to a community of entrepreneurs, experts and companies rooted in Switzerland and beyond.

Thanks to our jury’s complementary expertise and a 5-step selection process, the Awards have been established as a quality label in the impact ecosystem over the past 10 years.

For Startups

Customized to your startup’s individual requirements

Tailored support

You are matched with two coaches from different corporates based on your. needs and challenges to support you in a large range of business-related topics.

Network access

Your coaches can act as door openers in specific areas of your business growth.

Tools and Input

Use the tools and input sessions provided to track and assess your impact based on a given sector and stakeholder group. Use the input session to learn more about financing strategy, designing your impact measurement strategy and closing your pitch to investors.


You get the chance to exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs and potential growth partners.


At the end of the program, nominated startups have the chance to pitch in front of an expert community and potential investors.


What previous Awards winners say

Pitch; Tech for Impact Awards Winner

We would 100% recommend impact tech startups to apply for the Tech for Impact Awards, since it’s a unique opportunity to gain reputation and pitch in front of relevant stakeholders such as business leaders and impact investors. Besides the great networking opportunities with corporate partners, we very much enjoyed connecting with other impact-driven startups, which share our passion for sustainability and creating positive impact in the world.”

Dr. Ulrike Pfreundt
rrreefs Co-Founder

Pitch; Tech for Impact Awards winnder

We applied three times in a row to the Tech for Impact Awards and grew together with the competition. We were pleased to receive the Award recognition and visibility through Julius Bär next to high quality advanced startups.”

Zuzana Sedivà
Groam Founder


Thrust those who know best

Gayathri Venkat
Gayathri Venkat Co-Founder & CEO Simulatory

“Simulatory was part of Bluelion’s acceleration program in 2022. The value this program added to our entrepreneurial journey is immense. The entire program is curated to shape up startups to succeed. This program gave us the much-needed know-how and connections to navigate the healthtech system in Switzerland. If you are an early stage startup in zurich then I would make sure you get into this program from Bluelion. The best mentoring we ever received.”

Panagiotis Martakis Co-Founder & CEO Irmos Technologies

„The Bluelion accelerator literally brought us from 0 to 1, in all aspects needed to convert a promising university idea into a winning startup. The sessions were very interactive and practical, hosting a well balanced mixture of experts and entrepreneurs. The carefully selected startups and brilliant founders behind them shaped a powerful community that we still enjoy and benefit from!”

Damien Buhl Tipi
DAMIEN BUHL Co-Founder & CEO tipi technologies

“It’s not just another startup acceleration program, it’s the one that got us found, that got our team up and running for market entry and growth. If you are the next unicorn, you should take part.”


What you should bring along

Kickass Team

Your co-founding team has the skills and industry knowledge to drive the idea forward and consists of at least two 100% fully committed founders.

Scalable Tech

You work on a scalable tech idea, with a certain degree of innovation, in a future-oriented B2B market.

First Traction

You have proof of technology or/and the first positive market feedback, like LOIs or pilot projects with potential clients.

Funding Goal

In order to accelerate your journey, you plan to close an external financing round within the next 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything else you need to know about the Tech for Impact Awards.

Can startups outside of Switzerland apply for the Awards?

Yes, definitely! We are more than happy to receive applications from all over Europe (operations can be worldwide). We refer to the region’s innovation ecosystem and refrain from a purely political or geographical definition. The Horizon 2020 program provides a useful guideline and all participating countries are welcome to apply.

Are non-profit organizations eligible to apply for the Awards?

Unfortunately not. This program is dedicated to for-profit organisations only.

Can we apply with any technical solution?

Yes, of course! From low to deep tech, there are endless opportunities to leverage the potential of technology to tackle social and environmental challenges.

Are there any application fees?

No, there is no cost to apply.

Can I still change my application after submission?

Yes, but you will have to submit your application again. Please note that you can not change your application after the deadline.

Can I submit my application in German?

Yes, absolutely! You can submit your application in English or German.

We already applied for the Awards in the past. Can we try again?

Yes, definitely. Startups grow fast and might be more mature after only one year. Some previous winners won an Award after applying for multiple times.

What are the evaluation criteria ?

The jury focuses on the following criteria during the evaluation process: professional & complementarity of skills within the team, innovation & impact potential, scalability, maturity, quality of the business model and financing.

When do I hear back from you?

Each year, we carefully review all 300+ applications and present them to the jury. You will receive feedback within a month after the application deadline. Please be aware that we can’t give personal feedback to each candidate.

Where and when is the Awards Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony will take place in person in Zürich in November 2024.


Each year, the top impact startups in Europe get the chance to win an Award and boost their presence in the impact startup ecosystem.

Application 2024


Selection Announcement 18.10.2024

JURY PITCH DAY 29.10.2024

AWARDS CEREMONy 21.11.2024



Engage with the companies of tomorrow & access latest trends.

Get access to a curated pipeline of innovative impactful solutions in your area of interest and pick your Award category. Each partner is actively involved in the selection process and gets to personally award the prize during a public ceremony.

Join the Awards

Support impact startups and boost the system

My name is Zoé and I’m responsible for the Tech for Impact Awards. Want to be part of the journey? Don’t hesitate to reach out: we are currently looking for partners to join the adventure alongside UBS & Julius Bär. If you are a startup based in the EU, always welcome to get in touch!

Zoé Dumont de Chassart
Zoé Dumont Program Manager

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