Intrapreneurship – Turning Employees into Entrepreneurs

We are one of the leading players in Switzerland in corporate innovation. How? Our beloved intrapreneurship program.

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Our Services for Corporates

The Bluelion Kickbox

Our version of the Adobe Kickbox. We take a proved innovation process and customise it to your organisation. We pack it all into a physical toolbox and here we go kickstarting entrepreneurial ideas!

Coaching & Mentoring

We support around 100 entrepreneurs and innovation teams every year. Become part of our community and get personal coaching, networking and mentoring.

Sprint Rooms

Are you looking for an inspiring environment? Walk a few steps away from Zurich Central Station to find our sprint rooms: perfect places to rack your brains and innovate!

TGIF Community

Every friday our house is full of intrapreneurs from all of our partners. Here, you can work with startups and top experts all in one place.

Call 4 Innovation

We help you set up proof of concept (PoC) partnerships between innovation departments or line managers and startup companies.

Goldfish Bowl

This is a peer to peer pitching event where intrapreneurs and startups pitch ideas and give each other feedback. A perfect place to get ready for the shark tank!


An informal networking event for innovation departments to share their experiences. A beloved bi-annual event.