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Who is AEW?

AEW (Aargauische Elektrizitätswerke) serves as a cornerstone in the energy landscape of Aargau, Switzerland. With a commitment to excellence, AEW caters to the energy needs of numerous households, businesses, and industries across the region. AEW’s focus is on sustainable and forward-thinking business practices, with a goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040.


How Might We Use the Summer Surplus in Energy Supply to Cover the Winter Gaps of Energy Demand?

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. The era of fossil fuels and nuclear energy is over and the era of renewable energies is in full swing. However, this development also brings with it the challenge that a surplus of energy is produced by renewable energies, particularly in the summer months, while an energy deficit arises in the winter months due to increased energy demand and lower yields. AEW wants to contribute to solving this challenge by providing technology to transfer the summer surplus into the winter season and thus eliminate the deficit. By establishing and scaling long- term energy storage solutions, AEW aims to contribute to a more resilient, diverse and sustainable overall energy solution in Switzerland.


Who is it for?


The solution can come from any kind of company or institution. However, the primary target group for the call is startups.


Hardware and software solutions are eligible


Applications from all countries are admitted.


The solution provider should at least have an MVP (a functional prototype is not enough), first customers/ success stories, and should be at least in the Seed Stage.

Why should you apply?

Gain client contacts & public reputation

Work together with an industry client to gain public traction while not eventually being bound to one corporation.

Validate and improve your product

Validate and improve your products/services with professional external experts and their knowledge.

Gain industry knowledge

Increase your industry knowledge and evaluate the fit of your solution to the energy industry.

Get paid for running a pilot

Get compensated for conducting your pilot project with AEW.

Keep full equity & business autonomy

The project-based setup does not change your ownership structure (no loss of equity) and full decision autonomy stays within the startup.


We are super excited to hear from you! Does your solution fit the call? Then send it in and get the chance to have a collaboration with AEW



Selection mid-august

interviews september/ October 2024

decision on collaboration November 2024

apply now

Any questions?

Reach out to Maren

Maren Käfer
Maren Käfer Program Manager