No. 1 pre-seed acceleration program for ambitious B2B tech startups in Switzerland.

Fast-track your business in our jam-packed 10-week acceleration program that covers the most important topics,
from team setup to fundraising strategies, in the pre-seed phase.

Bluelion Unicorn


Priceless hands-on advice from serial B2B entrepreneurs.

When we designed this program 3 years ago, our goal from the very beginning was to build it based on the experience of numerous successful entrepreneurs. The result is a 10-week journey that provides practical and individual advice from some of the most experienced B2B tech entrepreneurs in Switzerland, with the aim to accelerate the future B2B leaders.


60% of our program alumni received funding within 6 months of program completion.

We are committed to empowering driven entrepreneurs from all walks of life, across diverse industries, and from every corner of the globe. Within Bluelion’s Hub, founders find the ideal launchpad to grow sustainable companies. Profit from Bluelion’s well-curated network of industry experts and entrepreneurs who will share their personal success recipes and help you leverage your business.


Customized to your startup’s individual requirements

Phase 1:
Identify your red flags

Startups are inherently complex and face numerous challenges on their path to success. Our thorough status assessment helps you as founders to focus on the most critical challenges, that could potentially kill your business.

Phase 2:
Winning as a team

Misalignment among co-founders is the no. 1 reason why startups fail. Therefore, our mentors support you in finding the right setup and talk about the unspoken, real stuff.

Phase 3:
Foster market traction

Market traction is a key indicator of a startup’s viability and potential for success. Through our industry network and mentors, you will be able to show evidence of demand and a clear path to growth.

Phase 4:
Execute funding strategy

We understand that gaining access to investors requires a strategic blend of preparation, networking, and a deep understanding of the investment landscape. Our program helps you to navigate this complex terrain effectively.


Trust those who know best

Gayathri Venkat
Gayathri Venkat Co-Founder & CEO Simulatory

“Simulatory was part of Bluelion’s acceleration program in 2022. The value this program added to our entrepreneurial journey is immense. The entire program is curated to shape up startups to succeed. This program gave us the much-needed know-how and connections to navigate the healthtech system in Switzerland. If you are an early stage startup in zurich then I would make sure you get into this program from Bluelion. The best mentoring we ever received.”

Panagiotis Martakis Co-Founder & CEO Irmos Technologies

„The Bluelion accelerator literally brought us from 0 to 1, in all aspects needed to convert a promising university idea into a winning startup. The sessions were very interactive and practical, hosting a well balanced mixture of experts and entrepreneurs. The carefully selected startups and brilliant founders behind them shaped a powerful community that we still enjoy and benefit from!”

Damien Buhl Tipi
DAMIEN BUHL Co-Founder & CEO tipi technologies

“It’s not just another startup acceleration program, it’s the one that got us found, that got our team up and running for market entry and growth. If you are the next unicorn, you should take part.”


What you should bring along

Kickass Team

Your co-founding team has the skills and industry knowledge to drive the idea forward and consists of at least two 100% fully committed founders.

Scalable Tech

You work on a scalable tech idea, with a certain degree of innovation, in a future-oriented B2B market.

First Traction

You have proof of technology or/and the first positive market feedback, like LOIs or pilot projects with potential clients.

Funding Goal

In order to accelerate your journey, you plan to close an external financing round within the next 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything else you need to know

What makes the Bluelion Acceleration Program different?

The Bluelion Acceleration Program is not just another startup school but is a program “from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs”. For every training day, we therefore have seasoned entrepreneurs joining us and sharing their knowledge.

How much does the program cost?

The program is free of charge for the participants and is financed by our partners. There is also no need to relinquish a stake in the company. In return, we require full commitment from the participants for the entire duration of the program.

Where does the program take place?

All events take place on-site in Zurich.

How often is the program carried out?

The acceleration program is conducted twice a year, in spring and fall. The spring batch is expected to take place between calendar weeks 15 – 24 and the fall batch between calendar weeks 39 – 48. For detailed times for the next batch, see the dates below.

What is expected of me during the program?

If accepted into the program, we expect one co-founder to be present at 80% of all acceleration days (one day per week), with the Kickoff and the Demo Day being mandatory for all participants. Furthermore, we expect you to meet the specified deadlines and demonstrate full commitment to the program. We reserve the right to exclude participants who fail to meet our expectations from the program.

Can my co-founders or first employees also attend the training days?

Yes, they can! Acceptance to our program doesn’t count for you as an individual, but your whole startup. You can freely decide who of your team is going to attend which training day (just make sure that for 80% of the training days, at least one co-founder is present).

Is it possible to have another job on the side?

While it is possible to complete the program alongside a regular job, we do not recommend it. The program includes a training day that takes place weekly for 10 weeks (kickoff and Demo Day inclusive). Although you only have to be present on these training days, you will benefit most from the program if you can work on your startup every day.

What does the selection process look like?

After the submission deadline, we will review all applications and conduct a pre-selection based on the above requirements. We will then contact the shortlisted candidates directly to arrange a 30-minute interview to get to know you better and learn more about your business idea. After these interviews, we will make the final decision.

Does my startup have to be based in Switzerland?

We are focussing on startups and co-founders based in Switzerland. You can still apply if your startup is not incorporated in Switzerland, but there has to be a strong connection to Switzerland (e.g. Swiss co-founders, targeting the Swiss market, etc.)

More questions?

If you still have open questions, feel free to reach out to Maren ([email protected])


Twice a year we carefully select 8 Startups for our spring and fall cohorts. Don’t miss out – apply now and embark on a transformative journey with us.

Spring Batch 2024


Selection Announcement END MARCH 24

Kickoff Program 11.04.24

Demo Day 13.06.24


Fall Batch 2024


Selection Announcement MID-SEP. 24

Kickoff Program 27.09.24

Demo Day 28.11.24


Join our Acceleration Program

90% of our alumni recommend the program to their friends & colleagues

My name is Maren, I am responsible for the Acceleration Program. If you fit our criteria and are interested in joining, please feel free to apply directly. Don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your startup!

Maren Käfer
Maren Käfer Program Manager