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NEWS – Amplo raising 1.6 million CHF

by Milena Kuentz

Congrats Amplo: Our Acceleration Program Alumni

The bright minds behind Amplo, with founders Oliver Keel, Niels Uitterdijk, Tanja Koch and their team

We, the team of Bluelion, are proud to be a part of Amplos journey and having them as our alumni in the Acceleration Program. Thanks to their business angels including Flavio Pfaffhauser , Manuel Grenacher and members of the Yokoy founding team, Amplo was able to further accelerate their business.

During a pre-seed funding round hosted by Swiss-based Session.VCFYRFLY Venture Partners and Backbone Ventures, the founders CEO Oliver Keel, CTO Niels Uitterdijk, CCO Tanja Koch and their team raised 1.6 million CHF for their unique concept, boosting the startups product development.

We want to congratulate the team of Amplo for their accomplishments and are content to see their continuous success. We further wish Amplo more triumph and growth for the future and thank them for being a part of Bluelion. 

What Amplo is all about

Amplo was first established in June 2020 with the goal of making AI more approachable. Many industrial devices today are cloud-connected, sending and storing important sensor data. Amplo, a SaaS company, uses machine learning to comprehend the machines and production lines of its customers. Hereby, the company provides a Smart Maintenance Platform that enables service engineers to use this information to create practical services like Predictive Maintenance or Automated Diagnostics. The platform does not require any prior expertise of machine learning and covers the entire development lifecycle. Further, Amplo can use AI to cut the cost of remote diagnostics by up to 90%.

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