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NEWS – Acceleration Program Spring 2023

8 Startups have been selected!

Following a rigorous selection process, we are delighted to unveil the esteemed participants of the Spring 2023 edition of our Acceleration Program. We are excited to support eight exceptional early-stage startups as they embark on their entrepreneurial voyage. Below, you will find an overview of the participating startups along with brief descriptions.

Program Participants Spring 2023


Sotaria offers a privacy-aware camera analytics solution that goes beyond legal standards to maximize privacy and thereby trust for customers and employees by fully eliminating the possibility of identification. The product is an IoT camera device that combines external and internal privacy features as well as machine learning to collect data for clients (warehouses, workspaces, retailers, etc.).


Kleverkey enables digital and secure access control for small and medium-sized companies. Their professional, wireless smart locks can be built into existing locking systems without a service partner. Thanks to their cloud-based management solution, the customer decide who has access to your buildings and when.


Katie is about helping people in companies and organizations to get reliable answers to their questions. Their mission is to make the world’s untapped knowledge accessible and help transfer it to people everywhere.


MyFlow aims to improve mental wellbeing around the world and starts by offering an easy-to-use mental training application. Their virtual reality VR application empowers sports professionals to track, analyse and optimise their mental training. The myFlow app offers a unique and new way of mental training, by providing immediate feedback about the state of the brain’s activation system, effectively allowing the user to get faster into ‘the zone’.


Aixa helps you to harness the power of digital humans and multiply your organization’s workforce. Trough their easy to use and extensible software platform, you will be able to create and implement your own face-to-face conversational AI experience.


Virtuosis is a privacy-focused Al that identifies and addresses early signs of burnout, stress, anxiety, and communication issues by analyzing the voice during Microsoft Teams calls and beyond.


InstaHeat is a technology-based company located in Zürich that develops a new kind of heating device being able to heat any conductive fluid instantly and precisely to the desired temperature with very high efficiency. The device generates the heat directly within the fluid, eliminating the need for a heating element. The technology allows a compact design so that it fits into various machines.


Nala empowers companies to measure, manage and report their impact on nature & biodiversity. Become a force of nature and start your journey towards a nature positive business!

We are looking forward to working with these startups and are very proud of the selection. The program starts on the 13th of April. To stay updated frequently visit our website and follow us on Linkedin.

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