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NEWS – Acceleration Program Fall 2022

8 Startups have been selected!

After an intensive selection phase, we are thrilled to announce the final participants of the Acceleration Program Fall 2022 edition. Being the first of its kind, the program targets highly skilled and motivated professionals and consequently follows the “team first” approach. We are happy to accompany 8 promising startups on their entrepreneurial journey. An overview of the participating startups and a short description can be found below.

Acceleration Fall 2022
Program Participants Fall 2022


Thinkgate builds an AI-powered passenger flow forecasting solution that starts with capturing the source data in real time and processing it into real-time monitoring tools. Many benefits are also met by analyzing historic data and applying discovered trends into short to long-term historical data sets and intelligence, which can then be turned into meaningful actions.


AIMMO develops a digital handover protocol that is easy to access, easy to use and can forward the collected data to third-party systems. Usable for landlords, managers or experts in the industry.


Truly helps companies calculate, track and share emissions data with stakeholders to achieve full control of sustainability responsibilities. Truly redesigns how emissions data is collected, aggregated and extracted into insights. Firstly, they import documents, ERP systems and suppliers and extract relevant data. Secondly, they perform transparent and verifiable GHG calculations with the latest emissions factors embedded. Thirdly, they involve your buyers, suppliers and investors with seamless data exchange in the platform, build collaborative Life Cycle Assessments and allow the visualization of complex value chains.


Leap2Tech is an HR-Tech startup. Their mission is to foster job mobility. By identifying highly motivated talents and training them, they enable them to transfer into jobs where they are needed and can reach their full potential. They offer employers a new, continuous, and uncontested stream of diverse talents.

Rapid medicine

Rapid medicine is a platform to practice the detection of diseases in the classroom, online or in between. The tool tracks every second and every click while students identify diseases. This allows to provide real-time feedback for the teacher on the students learning success, helps to reveal shortcomings and allows for individualized learning recommendations. Diagnostic scans with tagged diseases are the fuel to drive the development of AI algorithms. By allowing 10 K academic hospitals to train their 1 Mn students and residents in diagnostic imaging, the platform promises to generate a wealth of data for AI development.


Kleap is a software suite that helps creators and small businesses to earn money by simplifying important phases of their journey: site creation, e-commerce, email marketing and audience management


ScienceLife is a networking project and data management web platform which interconnects and assists all the stakeholders involved through the entire life of a research project from its creation to its end: private and public funding agencies with professors, professors with researchers and researchers with other researchers for potential collaborations. A professor can, for instance, create a new project, fund it and managed it directly on ScienceLife. Researchers assigned to a project can document their experiments and results electronically as machine-readable data that can be easily shared with the platform’s own scientific community in return for peer review and recognition.


Brian is a learning platform for both learners and educators. We help students study and exchange knowledge in a playful way while presenting educators with meaningful insights. By digitizing the learning process, Brian collects insightful real-time data that can be used to provide students with a customized learning experience and made available to teachers to react to problems in real time.

We are looking forward to working with these startups and are very proud of the selection. The program starts on the 6th of October. To stay updated frequently visit our website and follow us on Linkedin.

Acceleration program