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INSIGHTS with Deborah Dhanapal

How AXA Switzerland aims to reach net zero emissions by 2025!

In this interview, Deborah Dhanapal, Open Innovation Manager at AXA Switzerland, talks about Open Innovation and Net Zero activities. With the new net zero vertical launch with Bluelion, she tells us about her insights and plans with AXA. As part of our collaboration, AXA Switzerland is looking for climate tech startups that can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) reduce their carbon emissions. The goal is to speak up towards climate tech startups and generally to raise awareness for the Swiss innovation ecosystem.

In this video formatted Interview, the Bluelion community asks Deborah what her thoughts and opinions are on this matter and why it carries such a great importance.

Here you can also find the five pilots projects, mentioned in the video:  Sustainability/climate protection in your company | AXA

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