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NEWS – Acceleration Program Spring 2021

8 Startups have been selected!

After an intensive selection phase, we are thrilled to announce the final participants of the Acceleration Program Spring 2021 edition. Being the first of its kind, the program targets highly skilled and motivated professionals and consequently follows the “team first” approach. We are happy to accompany 8 promising startups on their entrepreneurial journey. An overview of the participating startups and a short description can be found below.


Maintaining a large fleet of worldwide distributed industrial devices is time-consuming and challenging. Amplo provides user friendly automated diagnostics and predictive maintenance APIs to make the life of service engineers easier. 


With Arcano, lawyers and other professional secret carriers can share large files with their clients and co-lawyers. Files can not only be sent, but also easily received via an embeddable and personalizable widget on the lawfirms own website, without any cumbersome registration for their clients. All data is fully end-to-end encrypted, and is thus protected from unauthorized access and stored in compliance with modern legislation such as the GDPR.

CorDiFio Health

CorDiFio is an awareness raising & early-detection AI-powered platform to empower women & doctors in reaching the right heart disease diagnosis in a timely manner. The leading cause of death in women is heart attack, as nearly 50% of women are misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression. In fact, women are 7 times more likely to be misdiagnosed than men. The good news is that 80% of heart disease is preventable.


Correntics vision is to make global supply chains future proof. With their data-driven approach, a deep understanding for environmental risks and their digital risk platform, correntics helps corporate clients to reduce risks in their supply chains. Correntics supports clients to improve their operational and financial resilience in the face of climate change and emerging risks. Thanks to their multi-disciplinary approach and scalable technology, correntics team of experts will beat the competition by putting the clients into the driving seat while they find the best road across a changing risk landscape.


Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues experienced by women during the pregnancy and post-partum (‘the perinatal’) period. However, there remains a huge gap in the screening, diagnosis and access to timely care in Switzerland and worldwide. To bridge this gap, Haplomind is creating a digital solution that can accurately screen, create easy access to professional care and connect the women with the healthcare professionals in a secure, citizen controlled way. The novelty of their method lies in the use of smartphone-delivered voice biomarkers to detect depression more accurately in perinatal women than self-reported questionnaires and the ability to quickly treat depression.


Macu4 developed a custom fitting software to produce passive arm prosthesis in less time & with less costs than traditional methods. It’s driven by 3D printing & scanning on site and improves user satisfaction through less weight, more comfort & option to use it with our sport hands or 3rd party hands.

Tax Cheetah

Tax Cheetah is a unique tool to digitize corporate tax and legal advisory. It includes tax and legal step plans and templates (e.g. tax rulings) for standard corporate transactions. Further, it serves as a legal entity management tool for tax departments and tax advisors. The tool aims to revolutionize the interaction between corporate clients and its tax and legal advisors to reduce costs for clients as well as advisors and to make corporate transactions more efficient.


Employee onboarding is well done in many companies when it comes to the administrative part, as soon as content & training is involved even large companies are doing a very poor job. Transcendo is about creating a platform that brings the onboarding learning experience to the next level, with advanced methods like gamification, challenges and events that work for every job.

We are looking forward to working with these startups and are very proud of the selection. The program starts on the 15th of April. To stay updated frequently visit our website and follow us on Linkedin.

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