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NEWS – Acceleration Program Fall 2020

8 Startups have been selected!

After an intensive selection phase, we are delighted to announce the final participants of the LikeMinded 2020 program. Being the first of its kind, the program targets highly skilled and motivated professionals and consequently follows the “team first” approach. In the very first edition of the accelerator program, a batch of eight startups will participate. An overview of the startups and a short description can be found below.


21stMedicine creates digital biomarkers for home monitoring of chronic diseases to predict outcomes and personalize therapy. Several patent-pending digital biomarkers are being developed by the team. One of them is Neurina: A smart and cost-efficient wearable that predicts Multiple Sclerosis relapses via accelerometer sensors. Neurina is a major step to individualize the dosage of pharmaceuticals during MS therapy and MS relapse prevention.


Angle believes in the power of relevant, 1:1, face-to-face conversations. Meeting the right person at the right time changes everything. That’s why we built an AI-powered superconnector for eye-opening 1:1s. Our platform is a marketplace where users can post a conversation topic. Our algorithm matches them with the most relevant other users to have a video call.


findependent developed an easy-to-use investment-app that allows people to save clever for their financial goals and that educates them about the workings and enormous benefits of long-term investing.


MYLEG is a unique device that restores sensory feedback to amputees by gently stimulating with pulses of current the skin of their remaining leg. MYLEG is an add-on to commercially available prostheses. The long-term vision of the MYLEG project is to improve mobility and prosthesis cognitive integration, by restoring sensory feedback, in people with leg amputation where they matter the most to them, during their daily life. The prosthesis restoring sensory feedback will enable users to avoid falls, to increase confidence in the device, which will reduce counterbalancing movements, and fatigue. develops a unique source code scanning algorithm bundled in an all-in-one solution to reuse, build and deploy native code. Today more than half of the time spent on native development is wasted, due to the complex nature of native C & C++ software libraries integration, build configuration and deployment. This is a major issue hindering many IoT, Mobile and performance-critical Cloud projects. empowers development teams by combining a superfast build & dependency manager and its upcoming serverless IoT deployment platform.


OldSchool is a distance learning platform specifically tailored for seniors (65+). We envision a world that supports healthy aging through life-long learning that is not hindered by the digital divide between generations. OldSchool enables seniors to access life-long learning opportunities by providing them with a single-entry point into a trustworthy, science-based, gerontologically-designed and digitally-empowering distance learning platform.OldSchool offers academic courses, hobby and health classes, and access to scientific research and citizen science projects. It also aims to create a sense of community with peer-to-peer support and socialization opportunities.

Sharing Tribe

Sharing Tribe brings together companies and female candidates for STEM positions in a flexible working model by matching them into an ideal fit for the role requirements. Companies face problems in finding, recruiting and retaining qualified female candidates in tech roles. They have ambitious Diversity & Inclusion goals to meet, and by achieving them they could grow their revenue by up to 19%. Female job seekers and applicants lack a trusted place to find their ideal job with the flexibility to keep track of their work-life balance and still capitalize on their high qualifications in tech. By introducing flexible working models, like part-time and job-sharing, at all levels of the organization, we help both sides to solve their problems.


Trilliome is improving health, quality of life, and preventing diseases in an aging population by providing automated personalized lifestyle management and healthcare. Prevention and the earliest detection of future health issues are much more cost-efficient than trying to fix them later while simultaneously providing years of vastly improved quality of life. We map, decode, analyze and monitor human health based on nutrition, microbiome, immunology & metabolomics, and digital remote endpoints, providing prognostic, predictive, and actionable insights in a personalized and automated fashion.

We are looking forward to working with these startups and are very proud of the selection. The program starts on the 16th of September. To stay updated frequently visit our website and follow us on Linkedin.