Our Mission

The Digital Health Initiative is an open community bringing together health, technology, and innovation actors. Our mission is to identify challenges in the healthcare sector and to invite innovators to implement ideas and solutions with leading healthcare organizations

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Together for the Swiss healthcare system.

The Digital Health Initiative is a growing community and interdisciplinary network of trusted members joining forces to achieve a common goal – addressing challenges in the Swiss Healthcare system together.


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DHI Innovation Call 2023

We are looking for innovative, patient-centric, and digital innovations for the Swiss healthcare system and invite entrepreneurs and startups to join us in further developing new solutions. From improving preventive methods over to helping individuals with chronic diseases to live as independently as possible up to making administrative processes in the healthcare sector more efficient – digital technology has the potential to help us improving healthcare day by day. The application phase will start in march 2023.

Patient Centric Health

Enable innovative solutions along the patient journey which allow people to live healthily, receive the best possible treatments and live their everyday live self-determined.

Prevention | Diagnosis | Therapy

Digitalization in Health

Foster digital technologies that enable health providers to become more efficient and effective through digitizing their services & processes

Automation | Process Digitization | Interoperability

DHI Focus Areas

The Digital Health Initiative aims to promote digital innovation over the entire customer journey. From improving preventive methods over to helping individuals with chronic diseases to live as independently as possible up to making administrative processes in the healthcare sector more efficient – digital health has the potential to provide an innovative solution


Improve early prevention methods and health status.


Help diagnose diseases and health risks early on.


Increasing effectiveness and patient experience


Support impaired people in their daily life.

Health Admin

Simplify and digitize administrative tasks

DHI Challenges 2022

Are you a healthcare professional, researcher, a startup or an individual with a great idea – we want to hear from you! Implement your ideas & solutions with leading healthcare organizations – and be an active part in innovating the Swiss Healthcare System!

Health Awareness Generation Z


How can we provide the necessary support for young people to take care of their own physical and mental health?

Teenagers and young adults have different needs and understandings of health than older people. Diet, mental health, dealing with ideals of beauty and digital media are just a few examples that show how important early sensitization and awareness of one’s own body are. Gen Z is especially struggling with lower levels of emotional and social well-being and increased mental health issues than older generations.

The goal of this challenge is to understand and address the needs and expectations of young people in terms of health and provide them with adequate tools and support to take care for their own physical and mental health.

Company Health Management


How can companies prevent health-related long-term absences before they occur?

Long-term absences of employees due to health problems are steadily increasing. Therefore, we are looking for solutions that enable employees to perceive their situation at an early stage and communicate it accordingly. Furthermore, we seek solutions to help reduce stress at the workplace.

The goal of this challenge is to prevent long-term absences by identifying employees at risk at an early stage. By giving employers an overall view of the health status of employees in the company they are enabled to identify and proactively support employees at risk.

Preventive Outpatient Care


What kind of services can help us recognize and prevent potential health risks? 

Many diseases can be detected or even prevented at an early stage through regular preventive check-ups and a change of lifestyle.

The goal of this challenge is to support people to receive easily accessible, comprehensible information about their state of health as well as individual outpatient services that feel as simple and natural as taking a car in for servicing.

Health Assessment


How can we simply and comfortably assess one’s overall health condition in order to prevent and detect potential health risks? 

There is no doubt that regular and proper health checks conducted by health experts would be a good thing – for the people receiving the check, but also for the healthcare system itself. Such regular health assessments would significantly help to prevent and detect potential health risks.

The goal of this challenge is to find innovative ways to assess a person’s current health condition as simply and comfortable as possible. 

Employee Case Management

Health Administration

How can we reduce the administrative workload in the event of accidents and illnesses?

The current process in the event of an incapacity to work due to illness or an accident is complicated in its handling. Multiple parties using different types of media (paper, programs, emails etc.) are involved which all need access to the same information. For patients, doctors, service providers, employers, and the insurance company, this represents a major time burden and can result in delayed payouts.

The goal of this challenge is to find a digital solution which manages all information at one central place and helps to coordinate the interaction between these players in a simpler, more efficient, and secure way.

Macular Degeneration

Diagnosis; Treatment; Coping

How can we help newly diagnosed patients of eye-sight threatening diseases to accept their condition and provide them with the necessary support to adapt to their changes in vision and maintain their independent lifestyle to a large extent?

The diagnosis of chronic retinal diseases, which inevitably result in vision loss if not treated, raises many unanswered questions and concerns among patients and their caregivers about how disease progression and necessary adherence to livelong therapy will affect their daily live(s) in the future, e.g. how to prepare their environment accident-proof and prevent self-imposed isolation.

The goal of this challenge is to ensure an independent lifestyle, support applications to health insurance funds and establish an accident-proof household with the aim to relieve the initial anxiety and despair for the patient and make the great burden of their illness more bearable by making them feel less insecure and dependent.

Alzheimer’s Awareness

Diagnosis; Treatment; Coping

How can we support people to have a more open approach to Alzheimer’s Disease and help them to acknowledge symptoms early?

Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease is steadily increasing due to aging societies in western countries. Many of us will be faced with elderly parents, partners and loved ones that need special care and are unable to manage their lives on their own. Still, dementia is heavily stigmatized and many patients, as well as partners, are in denial of cognitive and behavioral changes.

The goal of this challenge is to address the stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia by developing solutions to sensitize the Swiss people to dementia and provide guidance for patients and partners alike on how to address the topic early and openly.

Patient Journey in Hospital

Diagnosis; Treatment; Coping

How can hospitals understand the individual expectations of their patients better and based on that, deliver the best possible experience?

Patients expect to have more choices about what they want their care experience to be. In order for hospitals to be able to meet individual expectations, they need innovative patient-centric solutions.

The goal of this challenge is to find ideas & solutions along the entire patient journey but especially in the areas of:

  • hospitality services
  • discharge management & patient support to return to everyday life
  • individual care after hospital stay
Health Questionnaire

Health Administration

How can we improve the efficiency and user experience of questionnaires that have to be filled out regularly in the Swiss health system?

Questionnaires are ubiquitous in the health system – to prepare for a doctor’s visit, a blood donation, or a change of health insurance policy. However, filling out those questionnaires is a tedious and sometimes redundant practice.

The goal of this challenge is to identify new and creative ways to provide the necessary information to health experts and therefore improve the user experience of the said practice.  

Why Participate?



Match the need of our health community with your solution and use your chance for a sustainable partnership.



Collaborate with the leading organizations who defined the challenges and co-create in a non-bureaucratic way.



You get access to the knowledge and resources of Digital Health Initiative community members in order to implement and expand your product.



Increase visibility and expand your reach through the Digital Health Initiative community.

DHI Timeline Innovation Calls 2022

01.09: DEMO DAY
DHI Workshop

Likeminded Community

Simplified access to likeminded people makes many things easier. More than 500 people from all areas of the healthcare and ICT sector participated at the DHI community activities 2022 to promote and seek a simple and solution-oriented exchange.

DHI Workshop

Facilitated Collaboration

The Swiss healthcare system is complex and many challenges can only be addressed together. With our multi-stakeholder workshops, we help you to create transparency and facilitate cross-organizational collaboration.

DHI Workshop

New Opportunities

We help our community get a holistic view of the Swiss healthcare and startup ecosystem. Trends & needs can be identified early and opportunities can be validated together.

DHI Timeline 2023

Launch Event

-MARCH 2023-

The DHI starts with a big networking event, which also marks the beginning of the application phase.

Application Phase

-MARCH until APRIL 2023-

From March to April, early & later stage startups from Switzerland and the EU can apply to participate in the DHI program and.

Program & Activities

-MAY until OCTOBER 2023-

Between May and October, various events and activities will take place, during which the selected startups will be given simplified access to healthcare organizations.

Closing Event

-OCTOBER 2023-

Closing event of the DHI community where inspiration, sharing experiences, and networking are the main focus.

DHI 2022

We are very proud and would like to thank the more than 500 individuals from the healthcare community and the ICT Cluster who have been involved in the Digital Health Initiative 2022 events, workshops, and design sprints.

idetified startups in eu & ch
startups selected

What our Partners say

Birgitta Doppstadt
Birgitta Doppstadt Roche Pharma Schweiz

«At Roche we are consistently engaging with various patient journeys and identify potential areas for improvement. Together with Bluelion, we are looking for the best innovations in Switzerland to improve healthcare in a sustainable and patient-oriented way.»

Denise Richard
Denise Richard Microsoft Schweiz

«Working closely with our customers and partners, Microsoft is committed to accelerating the digitization of the Swiss healthcare system for the benefit of patients. This is why we are very excited to be an active partner in Bluelion’s Digital Health Initiative.»

Tanja Schiess
Tanja Schiess Kinderspital Zürich

«The University Children’s Hospital Zurich has decided to become a member of the Bluelion Foundation’s Digital Health Initiative. This collaboration with well-known healthcare providers and companies with many years of experience in the healthcare industry strengthens our innovative power.»


Who can participate in the DHI?

We are looking for Swiss and EU startup companies in the seed, early and later stage with a validated product, who would like to accelerate their go to market in Switzerland.

How do I submit my application?

The Call 4 Innovation will be open again in March 2023. Ideas can be submitted via application form, deadline end of April 2023

Do I have to move to Zurich for the program?

No, the part-time program consists primarily of various matchmaking meetings and workshops and can be easily integrated into the normal work week. However, to fully benefit from the program, we recommend that you attend the meetings in person and not virtually.

Is my IP protected?

You will, of course, retain all rights to your solution. Any collaboration (PoC’s) with one of our partners will be regulated bilateral. DHI doesn’t take over intellectual property rights.

What are the review & selection criteria?

Need: the solution should address one of the above mentioned challenges in a promising, new way and create a great value proposition for the customer.

Feasibility: The technology behind the product has to be validated and the product/MVP should work properly in a professional healtcare environment.

Impact: The solution changes patients’ life to the better and/or the healthcare system in a meaningful way.


If you have further questions or need more information on our Digital Health Initiative, we are happy to help! Write us an email and we will get back to you!

Become a Partner

Within the DHI we support innovation teams to build their own ecosystems, increase innovation dealflows, validate more ideas in a shorter time and focus resources in order to reduce development time & costs.

  • identify trends & opportunities: Within DHI, we combine  various analytics tools, our industry network and leading experts to create a holistic overview of the startup ecosystem in EU & CH. ​
  • learn from each other: In small groups and multi-stakeholder workshops experiences can be exchanged and own activities be optimized. This leads to more informed decisions and better results ​
  • save time, focus resources: With the DHI, partners get their own customized ecosystem. Screening, networking, and analyzing new opportunities becomes much more efficient, freeing up internal resources.​
  • form partnerships: From hundreds of identified opportunities, we invite only those that best meet the needs of the partners. The matchmaking process is accompanied by us and supported where required.​

Are you interested in the DHI and want to become partner? Contact us for more information

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Application phase for the Call 2023 will start in March

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Application phase for the Call 2023 will start in March