Find useful drafts & documents related to validating your idea. Start by sketching your idea. You deal with your motivation and your actual goal, i.e. your vision.

In addition, you develop a first version of your business model by systematically recording your idea with the help of the Lean Canvas and recognizing which next logical steps are pending.


Template: Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas PDF here

Lean Canvas PPT here

Overview: Test your Idea

“How to Test A Business Venture Before Quitting Your Job” – Michael Taylor

This article gives a high level overview of what is to come in the next weeks or months and how to approach your idea and validate its potential.

Insights: One Sentence Pitch


One Sentence Pitch here

-Sell Yourself and Your Idea-

The one sentence pitch is nothing more than a very briefly compressed version of your pitch, which helps you to create the necessary interest in your listener. Ideally, this serves as an introduction to further discussions with investors, partners, customers, etc. who are helpful to you. This can also be used well in the context of customer interviews to explain your idea briefly.

Read this article by the Founder Institute on how to perfect your One Sentence Pitch.

Insights: Idea Evaluation

Watch this video by Kevin Hale on how to evaluate startup ideas. Learn how to evaluate whether your idea has what it takes to break through.

EN/ 25 Minuten

Insights: Lean Startup

Learn how to successfully promote fresh ideas by watching this video on “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, a serial entrepreneur who created the lean startup movement to help startups allocate their resources more effectively. Learn about failure being part of the journey and how Lean Startup as a methodology might help you avoid failure.

Best Practice

Inside an Entrepreneur’s Mind: Lisa Falco

Bluelion regularly interviews entrepreneurs on their founding journey. Watch this interview with Lisa Falco, Head of Product at Pipra.

Among other topics, this episode focuses on

  • motivation – 00:44
  • Choosing the startup environment – 01:47
  • Knowing you found the right problem – 23:28
  • Product fit & pricing – 25:5

Podcast Swisspreneur: Lea von Bidder

Bluelion regularly interviews entrepreneurs on their founding journey. Watch this interview with Lea von Bidder Co-founder and President of Ava Science, Inc.,

Among other topics, this episode focuses on

  • The gender gap in the Swiss startup ecosystem – 2:11
  • The advantage of incubators – 42:16
  • Choosing the right idea – 48:12

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