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Template: Investment Agreement

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Template: Term Sheet

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Template: NonDisclosureAgreement

Download a non disclosure agreement (NDA) Template below

Overview: Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities in Switzerland

Download a list on how to get funding in Switzerland below

Overview: Global Deep-Tech Investor Map

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Overview: SwissStartup Ecosystem

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Insights: BusinessAngel Investment

Raising Business Angel Investment

This chapter is about the equity raising process for entrepreneurs. Learn how to convince potential business angels of your idea and how raising external equity is very different to raising other types of finance.

Insights: Term-Sheet Example by Wingman

Download the Wingman Term Sheet below

Insights: DueDiligence Checklist

Download a Due Diligence Checklist by SICTIC below

Insights: Screening Grid

Download a Screening Grid by Business Angels Switzerland (BAS) below

Insights: InvestorReadiness Checklist

Investor Readiness Checklist by SICTIC

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Explained: Pre-Money & Post-Money Evaluation
Explained: Convertible Loans
Explained: CoFounder Equity split
Explained: Due Diligence & Red Flags for Investors

Best Practice

Podcast Swisspreneur: Thomas Dübendorfer

Swisspreneur regularly interviews entrepreneurs on their founding journey. Listen to this podcast with Thomas Dübendorfer, Internet entrepreneur and expert angel investor.

Among other topics, this episode focuses on

  • The investment process – 30:47
  • Why angels are important for the ecosystem – 59:29

Podcast Swisspreneur: Dorian Selz

Swisspreneur regularly interviews entrepreneurs on their founding journey. Listen to this podcast with Dorian Selz, CoFounder & CEO of Squirro-

Among other topics, this episode focuses on:

  • The investment process – 30:472:34 – What do Swiss startups get wrong, when it comes to internationalization? – 14:11
  • The role of fundraising in internationalization – 19:32

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