A profound understanding of your target groups and their problems is an essential and critical ingredient fort he development of a successful solution.

Expand your understanding of your potential customer and find out which problem your idea solves effectively.

Your Tool

Digital Booklet: PROBLEM & CUSTOMERS

The heart of every innovation is a comprehensive understanding of the addressed customer segment and their problems & needs in the context of the idea. This is the only way to develop tailor-made and sensible solutions.


The process overview gives you guidance through the 7 different steps in this content brick.

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Your Milestones

Move on to the next phase once you:

– have thought of who will benefit generally from your idea
– have identified & validated the target group for your problem
– have sketched personas for each target group
– have conducted numerous problem interviews with the representatives of the target groups
– have started to transform your hypothecial persona into validated personas
– have learned what target groups suffer from the problem most (Early Adopters)
– have identified the central problems of your target groups
– have discovered a problem worth solving – a problem that needs a solution
– have formulated the representative problem statement

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