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Deal: Job Seekers

You need support in your team?

We established a partnership with the Canton of Zurich for their program for highly qualified job seekers. In a nutshell, you as a startup get access to a pool of 300+ highly qualified job seekers who can temporary (3-6 months) support you and your business. Best thing? It doesn’t cost you anything – it’s all covered by the Canton of Zurich. So if you are looking for an experienced specialist to support you with a specific project for a limited amount of time, you better sign up.

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Deal: 35% off Ledgy

35% on Ledgy plans for 12 months!

We work with Ledgy, the leading European equity management software allowing you to keep an up-to-date and error-free cap table, automate your incentive plans, and show the employees full transparency on their current vesting and stake in the company. With Ledgy, you can grant warrants, options, and virtual shares and exercise them all in the same place, while signing the respective legal documents directly on the platform.


Deal: Job Seekers salesplaybook

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