Team: Giada Polini Giada Polini


When it comes to communication, creativity and design, Giada is always up for the job. On top of that, she fills the important position of ‘Chief of Happiness’.

Team: Urs Stender Urs Stender

Managing Director

Our strategic mastermind behind Bluelion! Always eager to lend a helping hand, Urs ties the strings together to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

Team: Miro Mayer Miro Mayer

Innovation & Co-creation

Miro personally takes care of the enhancement and development of new offers at Bluelion, and has the quick-wit necessary to deal with tricky challenges that arise with gracious charm.

Team: Caroline Wiedemer Caroline Wiedemer

Innovation & Co-creation

Caro is the woman spreading innovation within big companies. She focuses on our Kickbox Community and works closely with our corporate partners.

Ella Shields

Community Building and Event Management

With her psychology background, Ella thrives when helping people reach their full potential. She’s working closely with Silja to foster growth within our company and those of our clients through organizing workshops, events, and collaboration opportunities.

Team: Silja Kern Silja Kern

Head of Community

Before Silja joined the Bluelion team, she spent several years in the U.S. learning how to effectively support startups and run coworking spaces. Now, she’s putting that knowledge to good use as she focuses on building a strong community and fostering a supportive environment.

Our Foundation Board
Christian Wenger

Partner, Wenger & Vieli

Benno Seiler

Head Economic Development, City of Zurich

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler
Corine Mauch

Mayor of Zurich, City of Zurich

Roland Siegwart

Deputy Head IRIS, ETH

Jörg Müller Ganz

President of the Board, ZKB

Michael Schaepman

Dean, Faculty of Science,  University of Zurich