The Bluelion Kickbox is the largest open intrapreneurship community in Switzerland, with

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What comes with it?


The Kickbox, originally from Adobe, is the physical tool the Kickboxers will use to start their ideas and test them with real customers.

Incubation Approach

During the Kickbox journey, Kickboxers get free access to our incubator, personal coach, carefully selected experts and innovation tools.


Be part of the largest open Kickbox community in Switzerland and meet Kickboxers, Innovation Managers, Startups and Freelancers.



Our Floortalk is the event where you get to meet other corporates part of the Kickbox Community, all in the name of exchange & collaboration.

What we offer

Full customisation for your organisation
Help with the implementation
Your own microsite, like
Lots of promotion material
Great experience in our community
Integration of your own assets, experts and processes
Effective also with other Kickbox Programs (Swisscom and others)
No risk, we start with a pilot batch ;)

Our shared Mission

Grow innovation culture
Identify and empower innovators
Train your workforce in innovation methodologies
Increase employee motivation
Increase innovation output
We're an open platform - anybody can join
We share our experience to grow together

Who works with Bluelion Kickbox?

“For me, it was a great pleasure to participate in the Kickbox program. I was also able to learn a lot for my personal development.”
"With the Kickbox we apply a systematic method, with which "intrapreneurs" independently promote developments of new products and services."
“The confrontation with my idea and the Kickbox required me to think outside the box in other areas that I had never experienced before.”
Melanie Hara, Helvetia Kickboxer
Chris Renfer, Head of Trend and Innovation Management Zürcher Kantonalbank
Christoph Müller, Kickboxer Generali