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EVENTS – Founders Tap 20.09.23

Location: Bluelion Hub; Josefstrasse 219, 8005 Zürich

Time: Wednesday, Sep 20th 2023, 18:00 – 21:00 CEST

Founders Tap with Liliane Ableitner

About this event

Founders Tap, a monthly event hosted by Bluelion & Swisspreneur, brings together startup founders and entrepreneurs for networking, inspiration, and collaboration in an informal setting.

This time, host Ansuya Ahluwalia from Swisspreneur will be interviewing Liliane Ableitner, Co-Founder and CEO of the climate tech startup Exnaton. The conversation will center on

“Climbing the Climate Tech Summit: How to Build a Fundable SaaS”

Among many other topics Liliane and Ansuya will talk about:

About Liliane Ableitner

Liliane Ableitner, recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, holds a PhD in information systems from ETH Zurich. Together with her colleagues, she co-founded Exnaton, a startup that has secured venture capital from prominent investors such as True Ventures, GFC, and übermorgen. Exnaton has also received accolades like the SAP Innovation Awards 2022. Liliane’s expertise has led her to speak at TEDxZurich in 2022, establishing her as a notable figure in the climate tech arena.

This event promises valuable insights into the world of climate tech startups, offering strategies for achieving impact and attracting investment. Join us for this enriching exchange of experiences!

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