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PAST EVENTS – Workshop on Digital Health

Revenue Models & Reimbursement in Switzerland

About this event

On August 24, 2022, Bluelion, NTN Innovation Booster User-Centred Healthcare, and the partners of the Digital Health Initiative are hosting a workshop on digital health revenue models and reimbursement in Switzerland.

The goal of the workshop is to highlight current commercial challenges of digital health products in Switzerland and come up with best practices on how to tackle them successfully.

We are inviting a wide range of people working in the field of digital health – including clinicians, insurance specialists, technology experts, as well as people working in pharma, academia, and startup entrepreneurs.

Leveraging such a wide range of experience and knowhow, we will develop collaborative solutions that can be implemented pragmatically and without systems change.

The event will take place from 14.00 to ca. 18.30 in Zurich, followed by a networking apéro.

** The workshop will be held in English, however, within the Breakout Sessions, attendees can choose their preferred language as a group

Application Deadline: 11.08.22


• “Digital Health Reimbursement in der Grundversicherung” -> Reimbursement of digital health products for patients / consumers within basic health and accident insurance (zB MIGEL, zB Managed Care Produkte)

• “Digital Health Reimbursement in der Zusatzversicherung” -> Reimbursement of digital health products for patients / consumers within private / complementary insurance (zB eigene Versicherungsprodukte)

• “Reimbursement von Digital Health Lösungen für Leistungserbringer” -> Reimbursement of digital health products geared at clinicians / hospitals (zB als B2B Lösung, oder TARMED / DRG)

• “Reimbursement von Digital Health Lösungen aus Sicht von Patient:innen und Angehörigen” -> Reimbursement of digital health solutions from the perspective of patients and relatives

 “Reimbursement von Digital Health Lösungen für Pharma und Medtech/Monetizing SaaS in Digital Health” -> Opportunities to monetize digital health solutions as SaaS for pharma and medtech companies(digital health applications with medical device status; out of scope: electronic patient records & lifestyle/prevention apps)

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Location: Josefstrasse 219, 8005 Zürich

Date: Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Time: 14:00 – 18:30 CEST

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