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EVENTS – Demo Day Fall 30.11.2023

Location: Bluelion Hub, Josefstrasse 219; 8005 Zürich

Time: 30th Nov. 2023; 18:00 – 21:00 CEST

Bluelion Demo Day 2023


We are excited to invite you to the 7th demo day of the Bluelion Acceleration Program

Eight of the most promising pre-seed tech startups from Switzerland will pitch live on stage to interested investors, customers and supporters during this demo day. It offers a perfect opportunity to meet the startup champions of tomorrow and connect with the Swiss startup ecosystem.


18:00-18:30: Arrival

1 8.30-20.00: Demo Day

20.00-21.00: Apéro & Networking

Short Startup Summaries:

Terra Preta is working to decarbonize agricultural value chains, with a focus on coffee and cacao. They empower local communities to create biochar from agricultural waste, reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainability for farmers and the environment.

ESG Explorer, an AI-driven sustainability platform, offers unique features like real-time insights and actionable recommendations. It redefines sustainability management by enabling businesses to make informed, dynamic decisions for a greener future.

Emissium, a cleantech startup, specializes in managing electricity emissions. Their platform provides real-time insights and actionable strategies to help businesses reduce emissions and align with sustainability goals. Emissium is driving a more environmentally responsible and sustainable energy future.

SyncroPro is revolutionizing airport operations by creating a seamlessly integrated digital and immediate environment. They optimize resource allocation, enhance security, and improve efficiency, while also prioritizing sustainability for a greener future in air travel.

Niatsu is a pioneering platform revolutionizing carbon footprint calculation in the food industry. Using advanced technology and data-driven methods, Niatsu automates the process, enabling food businesses to make eco-conscious decisions and align with sustainability goals.

AllesHealth is a revolutionary clinical insights platform, prioritizing diversity, and patient-centricity in clinical trials. Using advanced AI models, they empower global researchers and patients with insights and foster community by rewarding patients and caregivers. This commitment to inclusivity and technology is transforming the healthcare industry.

Databaum leads in sustainable agriculture with an AI-powered plant health management platform. This technology empowers farmers with current time insights for data-driven decisions, optimizing crop production and reducing environmental impact. Databaum’s commitment to sustainability and advanced tech is reshaping agriculture for the better.

Scenario X is an AI-powered platform for banks, forecasting economic scenarios, improving risk analysis, and enhancing regulatory compliance while reducing costs and adding value to clients.

The demo day is an open event, so everyone interested in joining is welcome. The startup one-pagers will be shared after registration.